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World Skills - Level 1 Diploma Students Visit Excel

On Friday 9 October the Level 1 Diploma in IT 16-18s visited the World Skills Exhibition at the Excel Centre.  Here, in their own words, is what the day had in store for them.

Lukas Vazgys
World Skills London 2011- It was the world's largest skills competition and careers event, held over four days at the Excel London exhibition and conference centre in London's docklands from 5-8 October 2011.

More than 2000,000 visitors from across the UK went to World Skills and there were just too many of them!

After staying in there for a few hours you get really tired because of all these people.

It was, however, really interesting because there were loads of people from different countries competing in different skills areas.

There were lots of different skills you could check out and decide what you would like to do in future. I liked the car display and the one with the music where you could mix songs by yourself. The arts were great because guys were doing some amazing drawing.

Joao Costa
I liked the trip because I had fun with my friends and my teachers. When we went on the DLR everyone was laughing. I really liked some of the things at the exhibition, like the demonstrations and how to get up on a horse and control it. There was also an exhibit about how to control a motorbike.
 When I went inside the building it was huge – there were lots of things you could learn from. I also saw things I had never seen before. My favourite demonstration was when the guys from other countries were making types of shapes with wood like sections divided by the wood.  The skills were amazing. There were even people there making boats!

I also liked when teams from other countries were doing competitions to see who made the best fridge. Altogether it was a great day!

Daniel Agunsoye
My trip to the London Excel Centre was good. I had a really nice time there. The place was a big venue for students to walk around and get to know more about their courses. They could also get to know about new things.

When I got into the building I saw lots of things. Some people were getting a massage, other people were getting their makeup done. Then, there were mechanics fixing some cars. In fact there was so much going on you would never see it all!

The part I liked most was the massage section it’s really a fun part to watch. Lots of people were getting their massage done by some massage specialists. The massage specialists had lots of equipment for massaging like massage rollers, hard spiky massage ball, soft spiky massage ball, couch roll and so on.

We left the building around 2:00pm and got on the DLR train down to Lewisham. When we got to Lewisham Joan gave us some money for lunch. Some of us went down to KFC to get something to eat. I had a Godfather Meal and went straight home from there.

Rickesh Pydiah
I enjoyed my visit to the Custom House for Excel. It had everything like mechanics, IT technicians, helicopters, and lots more. When I get there I saw Canary Wharf, HSBC, City group and the O2 Arena.

At the exhibition, I was using headphone and touch screen computers to hear different beats, using the Samsung Galaxy Tab and others. I saw men getting massaged by women. I saw a lot of people there mostly college and school kids. I saw them doing fencing which was very exciting. I also saw a lot of pictures which had been draw by artists. I went there with my class mates, and I was with Daniel, Deniel, Ricardo, Lukas most of the time.

My favourite part was watching how mechanics actually fix the cars and add new engines, seats, doors, wheels, and hoods. I learnt about new inventions and new products like the iPad which two girls were selling.

When I entered the World Skills I was not sure what to expect. However I saw lots of new things and learned about many different careers. It was a very enjoyable trip.                     

Ricardo Gonzales
We all met on Lewisham station and had long journey, looking at the huge buildings. Then we got to the Excel Centre and we were ready to see lots of people sharing their professions and showing us how they work.

The Excel centre was nice, some parts had new features, advance technology – it was a huge place.

 There were people working with software on a large display, showing music software which was easy to control in a ‘touch screen’ environment. There was massage on display too, Samsung tabs and gadgets and the Latest TVs. There were public sector events, training programmes and product Launches. They also had restaurants and lots more in between.

On the day I learned a lot about different careers and watched people from all over the world taking part in competitions. Altogether, it was a cool day.

There was even an opportunity for the students to meet an old friend of the college, Dame Ruth Silver.
Would you like to see all of the pictures from the World Skills Exhibition? Play the slide show below!

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