Wednesday, 4 April 2012

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT: Unit 28 – IT Technical Support

By Odwehney Barnett, L3 Extended Diploma in IT student, 2012

One of the units on the Extended Diploma that excites and intrigues me the most is IT Technical Support.

This unit and its assignments incorporate helping other technical or non-technical computer users with both software and hardware problems while using a computer. This unit also gives students an understanding of health and safety procedures as it relates to using these software and hardware tools to assist others.

Everyone needs some IT technical support at one point or another - otherwise this is how things would get fixed!

While doing the assignments associated with this unit I have learned both the practical and theoretical aspect of troubleshooting computers and also the health and safety precautions to undertake while helping other users.  Some of these health and safety procedures involve some common sense – like making sure the computer is switched off and disconnected from the main electrical supply when you connect or disconnect any of the electrical leads.

 IT Technical Support heavily involves communicating effectively with other students and users both in person and on the phone, giving and receiving instructions from them to ensure the diagnosed problem is resolved.  As in many of the units your communication skills, particularly speaking and listening in this case, will come to the fore.

This unit also includes doing research online to find out how to fix and configure computer components such as the mouse, keyboard, printers (and so on), both electronically and manually on the computer. Doing this unit has helped me significantly in working towards the professional career that I would like to embark on, which is computer engineering. It has given me a huge insight in to how to fix technical computer problems and also guide other users if they are having any difficulty while using their computer which is an essential skill to have.

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