Course Advice

If you want to do well on the course follow this advice carefully.

Read the requirements of the assignment carefully; make sure you understand what is required.  If you don’t understand – Ask!

  • Always check what the Grading Criteria are as these are what you have to evidence
  • Good presentation and layout are essential.Attend all the teaching sessions so you understand the issues and topics contained in assignments.
  • Do not lose the assignment specification, as no duplicates will be given out (but you will always find it on eME!).
  • Good English is an important aspect of all assignments.
  • To ensure the best opportunity for a high grade, take the following precautions before submitting an assignment.
  • Thoroughly read and correct any errors.
  • Have a colleague proof read the copy.
  • Use the PC spell check.
  • Read all the comments, which the tutor will make, they are intended to guide you for future assignments.

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