This Computing and Information Technology part of Lewisham College offers a comprehensive range of structured programmes and qualifications at all levels of the learning ladder.  Courses are specifically designed to offer the widest possible learning opportunities, development and guided progression within Information Technology.

Our staff pride themselves in keeping abreast of evolving teaching methodologies in this complex subject area.  In this way students are equipped with contemporary strategies to keep pace with rapid technological advances as well as developing their self-reliance and initiative.

We recognises its students as major players in the future of millennial Britain and respects their differing learner needs and lifestyles.  Their progression to a higher step on the learning ladder, socially, academically and in terms of employment is our primary aim.

We hope you enjoy your time on the course. On this websire you will find a great deal of important information about the course on which you are enrolled.  Please read this very carefully.  It will help you understand what you have set out to achieve and the targets you must meet in order to gain the qualification.

Please remember, that if you have any questions, ASK THEM!!  It is not a sign of stupidity if you ask questions, it is a sign of an enquiring and interested mind! Good luck on the course!

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